Unreal Tournament Project Update

Zy76Eo8In the latest Epic Games live stream on Twitch.tv, the team gave an update on the Unreal Tournament project.

We also talked about some of the latest contributions by community members and showed some great concept art by “Gooba” and a Bio Rifle concept submitted by “HalcyonDays”.

We also now have the stream available as a podcast! You can either listen below or subscribe to the podcasts on iTunes. It can take up to 48 hours after the stream for the podcasts to appear on iTunes.

HalcyonDays will have a new image under his name on the forums recognizing his contributions and he will also see his name in the credits of the game!


  • Tomer Feiner

    That shock rifle design looks like complete win to me. Can barely wait to see it as a 3D model!

    • iFlak

      I really like it too Tomer! I think Gooba did a great job.

  • Tommy Schuyler

    this is what I have been waiting for !!!

  • Aleksandr Bursov

    Epic Games,

    We have tested the new UT pre-alpha version, and here is what we had to say about it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zyp-zz3wkRo&feature=youtu.be

    • Chris Burris

      Focusing on making the games movements UT3 like is a huge mistake in my opinion. The game doesn’t have to be a cheese fest to be fun. Stick to UT99 game movements :(. I hate UT2k3 movements as did a ton of other people. Double jump/wall dodge pretty much ruins CTF for everyone but the flag carriers.

      • ZoneCracker

        I totally agree.

      • FlamesoFF

        UT3 movement is sucks.
        Where is these “tons of people” who hates the UT2004 movements?
        In major votings all people prefers UT2003/2004 movements, also as I.
        UT2004 movement system gives you a great and various abilities of tactical movements, unlike of UT1/UT3 movement system.

    • Uncle_Fred

      UT99 movements would be the best. Also, consider the multi-rocket launcher of UT99. There was something satisfying about loading all those rockets in slowly if you wanted to.

      Look to UT99 for design cues. It was your best Arena game.

      • FlamesoFF

        UT2004 movements is the best.

  • Plintus

    That’s a great concept I agree! But it feels to far from what is the rifle means.
    First of all the rifle should be more like a stick – how it was in UT 99. It really was a right feeling when you got the shock rifle on your hands – you really feel it like a rifle, not anything else.
    Second thing. This concept more like a modern submachine gun that because it has additional handle in front of the weapon. This Is really confusing me and don’t give the “right” feeling – that you have a rifle in your hands. So again. It’s a great concept but for me – not a shock rifle.

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  • Richard Fountain

    i wounder if they are going to use the system out of championship 2 with it since other platforms missed out like the p.c

  • roflcopter

    just copy UT99 from scratch