Unreal Tournament Team Deathmatch

Unreal Tournament first TDMJim Brown and David Spalinski take a look at a community made map and the Unreal Tournament team deep dives into Team Deathmatch.

Now you can check out the first gameplay of Team Deathmatch in the new Unreal Tournament!

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  • megafilipe

    my only experience online in UT is UT99 where i spent months and months on every possible mod, i hope you give freedom for the modders to work on, i loved monster hunter and other adventure modes. and i’m gonna play the hell out of this game also, create the best clan :p

  • megafilipe

    hey i want that wallpaper with the blue flag 1:26

  • Vasilije Radović

    I fucking love UT.

  • Ivan Maximilian Perez

    I’m holding my breath. By the time I get my new rig, it’ll be perfect for UT>

  • Cpt. Spooks

    Please please please DO NOT put names over characters in game. Make more character models or something else, but it would be nice we could make our avatars visually different without the need for text floating over the head.

    • Weak1ings

      A unique (customized) character with the right color of skin would be better than player names. I wholly agree!

  • Qazawat Zirak

    Legendary Game !

  • Aftersun

    I think it might take me a while to get use to the weapons. If I’m correct, the weapons they are using is from UT3. I never got use to those. I like the ones in UT2K4 the best. Just played it this morning. I haven’t played UT99 in a long time. I guess I’ll just dust off my CD and see if I can get it running in Win 7. Anyways, I’m really looking forward to the new UT. This is so freaking awesome. :)

    • Weak1ings

      It works very well with the CD in Win 7. Be sure to get the patches to play in full 1080p.

      • Aftersun

        Thanks for the input. I’ll download the patches tonight. :)

  • Boshi


  • MemphiS

    Always lovely to watch some UT Action! Can’t wait till the release of it! :-)
    Normally I would say hurry up guys but when it’s about UT, it has to be good so take your time and make it great!

  • Chris Belcher

    UT99 was your best game. Draw inspiration from it and leave the others behind.ame. Draw inspiration from it and leave the others behind.

  • imike


  • infamousdog

    I used to play with flak years ago. She was always a cool
    person and a good player! =) hanging out on IRC. Whew it’s been a long